Sample pieces for the product marketing campaign. (Note: Some items are in process of being corrected to reflect AdvisX, rather than AffirmX. Updated items will be posted here as they are available.)

1. Risk InboX Banner Ad

Proposed new version (as of 7/15) that would go on the home page of Risk Inbox right below the featured sliders (clicking would link to the webpage referenced below).
Old version:

2. Risk InboX Individual Item/Risk Watch Library Page Sidebar Widget

This would go on the individual item pages (items linked to from Risk Roundup) of RiskInboX.com on the sidebar on the right towards the top as well as Risk Watch Library.

3. Service Sheet

This is a one-sheet that could be sent to interested parties. (Click graphic to open PDF.)

4. Web Page

The AdvisX site would have a webpage, which might feature similar information from the service sheet, but could expand to include more detail (click graphic to link to webpage):

5. AdvisX Home Page Sliding Banner

The first of the two sliding banners on the home page would be this (would replace the “NB Risk Partners has changed its name to…”). It would link to the webpage above.

Other Items (and status)

Other items to be prepared could include:

  • Risk Watch Episode focusing on the topic addressed by our featured service, with a call to action that is a link to the specific webpage (script for AML Validation has been drafted, pending approval and scheduling of a SME; opening bookends with Shelbey were shot in advance of her temporary departure; shot versions for Ken and Cody, so we could go with either, depending who is available)
  • Risk Watch Pre-roll. 5 to 15-second pre-roll before the current risk watch episodes (to be created).
  • Sample Work Product. This is in progress. Cody to review. Shelbey/Dennis to update based on Cody’s comments. Send to Ken A. and new issues committee for final review.
  • Blog Post for AffirmX.com blog (or AdvisX.com, as applicable), and to be highlighted in Risk Insights, Risk InboX, and Risk Round Up (to be drafted).
  • White Paper/Widget. Something that we can offer that might entice those financial institutions with an interest in this area to reach out to us to contact us and vice versa (need to get with our SME to figure out what this could be).
  • CU Insight (once per month). Draft article for CU Insight (need to get with our SME to figure out an angle).
  • Company Email Blasts. We could feature the item in Risk Insights and Risk Roundup for the campaign period.