Community Reinvestment Act Services, Delivered Remotely

The AdvisX Solution

In an era when regulatory and community attention to bank performance under the Community Reinvestment Act is likely to be heightened, and in an era where the ability to work remotely and effectively is essential, AdvisX is uniquely positioned to address your CRA needs.

How AdvisX Can Help

AdvisX personnel have assisted banks nationwide address their CRA needs for more than two decades. We’ve seen the areas of shifting emphasis within the regulation and its enforcement. We’ve monitored its updates closely over the years, including the December 2019 proposal from two of the agencies (subsequently finalized by one of the agencies) to modernize the regulation.

Moreover, we specialize in performing our services completely off-site, with a state-of-the-art online platform that serves as a means for securely exchanging sensitive data between AdvisX and our clients, as well as facilitating the tracking and completion of projects from start to finish.

Our Approach

Let AdvisX conduct an analysis of your bank’s efforts as they relate to lending, services, and investment performance under the Community Reinvestment Act rules applicable to your institution.

A Regulation Undergoing Change

Whether or not the 2020 final rule approved by the OCC applies to your financial institution, AdvisX is available to prospectively analyze your bank’s performance under the lens of the OCC rule, which took effect for national banks in Q4 2020. The new rule encourages banks to conduct more CRA activities, to serve more low- and moderate- income communities, and includes an expanded discussion of the scope of activities that qualify for CRA credit. The rules further aim to provide objective and standardized approaches to evaluating banks based on new performance standards, including expanded aspects of electronic banking and limits for smaller organizations.

A Flexible Process Based on Your Needs

  • The process begins with AdvisX providing you an online questionnaire that can be completed at the pace that works for you. We will likewise create for you a list of specific artifact request links that you can use to safely and securely upload the documents and data we will need to provide you a well-rounded CRA report.
  • Next, we review, as applicable, your lending, investment, and services data for the given timeframe.
  • We then analyze the bank’s CRA community development efforts along with any related community lending, community services, and/or community investment performance efforts that could be incorporated into the performance review.
  • If desired, we also identify peer information as it pertains to CRA based on available public evaluations for comparative analysis to help provide additional context for the bank’s performance.
  • Finally, we present the analysis and observations in our thorough report, which can be updated for future periods by the bank itself, or we would happily make ourselves available to conduct the follow-up review. The option is yours.

Connect with the AdvisX Team

With no obligation, email [info (at) advisx dot com] your name, details about your financial institution, and your CRA needs or questions. The AdvisX team will reach out within a few days with information or to set up a time to answer your questions and discuss your organization’s needs.