Enterprise Risk Management

Enterprise Risk Management

Customized, Cost Effective, Expertly Delivered

Launching an Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) program for most organizations is frequently a start, pause, stop, start, pause, stop, etc. process. The challenges of a program are often in the breadth and scope of what is required. AdvisX offers a proven program as well as guided services for implementation of that program for an organization.

Sure it’s a buzz phrase, but Enterprise Risk Management has merits that go far beyond buying a canned ERM assessment and calling it good. Our recommended approach to ERM is based on the triad of Risk Management:

  1. your institution’s strategic/business plan;
  2. your three-year budget; and
  3. your Enterprise Risk Assessment (for assistance in preparing an Enterprise Risk Management Assessment, visit our sister company, AffirmX).

We are available to work with the Board and Senior Management to design a custom-made ERM program that is both a quantified and a qualified approach to risk that affects your institution’s goals for the future. We believe that a superior ERM can be a massive competitive advantage, and we welcome the opportunity to share our insights with your Board and Senior Management.

Our Enterprise Risk Management includes model risk management and tool risk management, two features that often form the greatest hurdle to implement an ERM. We further look to assist the organization in the implementation of a program aimed at serving the organization rather than the organization serving the program.

Contact us below or by calling Ken Agle at 801-885-8545 for information regarding:

  • ERM Policy and Program Services
  • ERM Model Management Services
  • ERM Risk Assessment

The table of contents of our ERM program is available for review, along with no-obligation discussion on our approach to ERM that we feel is manageable and won’t leave you scratching your head (or burying it).

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