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Early Warning Systems & Fair Lending

Early warning systems have long been around. The Mayans built a temple as a tribute to the God of the Wind. The temple contains an intricate series of holes that cause an extremely loud whistling sound when early hurricane force winds blow in from the Caribbean Sea. That system works even today, and it is [...]

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Fair Lending: Clearing the Fog

There are words, and then there are words. One of those words is proactive. While overused, the word has connotations that shouldn’t be dismissed—especially in the world of compliance. Last year, the FRB, in their 3rd Quarter Compliance Outlook (https://consumercomplianceoutlook.org/2020/third-issue/the-benefits-of-a-proactive-compliance-program) focused on the concept of proactive and discussed the FRAM automotive oil filter brand and [...]

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