The Secret BSA/AML Weapons of Smaller Financial Institutions (Part 1)

The ever-increasing importance of a robust BSA/AML monitoring system has become more than clear in recent years. However, an all-encompassing monitoring system often feels beyond the reach of the smaller financial institution. Resources are finite, and some institutions are left floundering when attempting to cover all their bases. What must your small financial institution do to determine whether its BSA/AML monitoring system is as sound as those applied by their far larger counterparts? In this two-part blog post, we’ll break down two essential elements that smaller financials Continue reading →

On AML Rule Arrays, Fire Pit Pagodas and Other Things You Don’t Want to Build “Off the Cuff”

Originally published on Have you ever built something from scratch? I mean no plans, nothing—just pulled an idea out of the air and went for it? I have, and let me tell you, it takes an amazing amount of time and effort. In 2013, my four sons and I built a fire pit pagoda in the back yard. We had no kit, some skills, and precious few right angles. It might not have been wise, but it was certainly adventurous. Because this project was Continue reading →