In our compliance solution, AdvisX utilizes numerous layers of security to ensure your data remains private.
Infrastructure Security
AdvisX hosts its application servers at secure, SSAE 16-certified data centers. Two geographically disparate locations are utilized for redundancy. We employ both an Intrusion Detection System (IDS) as well as an Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) to secure these servers. Access to the servers is controlled at several different levels–physical, network, operating system and application.
Platform Security
The Risk Intel Center is secured through a variety of mechanisms at a number of levels:

  • All platform communication with AdvisX servers is done over the https protocol with industry standard AES-256 High Grade Encryption.
  • All passwords are encrypted and user accounts are locked out after a reasonable number of consecutive unsuccessful login attempts.
  • All access to the application server is logged. All client data is stored in a SQL Server Database. The security of the data in the SQL Server database is protected by the SQL Server Account and Operating System Account. Sensitive data within the database is encrypted.
  • All documents uploaded to the AdvisX platform are stored in silos, where they are logically separated from the uploaded documents of other users by our Document Management System.

Please contact us to request more detailed security information or copies of applicable reports or for more information on our compliance solutions for banks and credit unions.