Sample Report

HMDA Performance Overview Report

HMDA datasets for 2018 have been released by the FFIEC. Know how your institution performed in 2018, compared to other financial institutions and compared to the demographic makeup of your community.

AdvisX’s “HMDA Performance Overview,” a 10-page snapshot of your institution’s 2018 HMDA performance in any county, is available for $495.

Invoice Us

Don’t pay until you receive the report. We will confirm your order via email and then submit the report to you electronically as a PDF once it has been prepared, along with an invoice.

The fee is $495 for the initial county or MSA and the initial time period. The fee for each additional county or MSA is $175. The fee for each additional time period (2017, 2016, etc.) is $150.

Contact us for a no-obligation proposal by emailing us at or by calling 1-888-980-1949.

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