Anti-Money Laundering Monitoring System Validation. An effective anti-money laundering (AML) monitoring system is the foundation of your financial institution’s Bank Secrecy Act program. But if your automated system is missing or incorrectly flagging unusual activity, then every subsequent component of your BSA program is suspect, potentially resulting in enforcement actions and costly look-back projects. That’s why simply turning your AML system on, without an independent validation and periodic follow-ups, is a high-risk gamble that no financial institution should make. See how AdvisX can help ensure your BSA program is on solid footing here.

Fair Lending Response Services. Let us provide your institution the tools and regulatory insights it needs to analyze regulatory findings and prepare responses. We can work directly for your institution’s in-house or retained legal counsel to ensure attorney-client privileges are retained.

BSA Response Services. We provide expertise in identifying areas of BSA/AML weakness and developing recommendations to implement corrective action. We have developed powerful logistic procedures for managing the most intensive response projects, including look-back projects, remediation efforts and related corrective action responses.

CRA Risk Services. AdvisX knows CRA. We were one of the first companies to utilize computerized geoanalysis services to analyze lending patterns and approaches. We have experience with single-office, sub-$100 million shops to multi-billion, multi-state financial institutions. Whatever your need is with respect to addressing CRA concerns or risks, we have a solution and can partner with your CRA Officer to assist in addressing those concerns. We have developed some of the strongest tools to deal with CRA strategies, including our CRA Enterprise Risk Assessment that gives an institution a three-dimensional understanding of its CRA program, developed strategies and the risk factors requiring mitigation. As you would expect, our CRA services dove-tail perfectly with our Fair Lending analytical capabilities, integrating geoanalysis with Fair Lending performance.

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