Regulatory Preparation & Response Services

Large Project RFP/Negotiation Services. Okay, we’re not a Big 4 accounting firm, but on the plus side, we’re not a Big 4 accounting firm. Our firm has worked alongside the big guys on projects, and we know their strengths and weaknesses. We also have one of the most powerful case management systems to ensure maximum productivity in large remediation projects (which even the big guys asked to borrow). We can fully staff your project with highly qualified individuals and provide you with ongoing feedback on the performance of our staff, all at significant savings. If your board still insists on using one of the big firms, we understand, but to ensure that you negotiate the best deal possible and maintain control of the project, consider bringing us on board to assist with project management.
Audit/Examination Response Services. AdvisX is adept at working with your institution to provide audit/examination response services. The company has extensive experience in providing corrective responses on virtually every aspect of banking, and our experts are supported by a comprehensive library of tools and resources that help speed and facilitate  audit/examination processes. We are proficient at designing and implementing corrective, focused and fundamental training aimed at issues that beset your institution. Our training efforts provide more than just rote guidance on regulations. Our specialty is to design training that matches the identified cause of the root problem at your institution. Our experience of in-depth work with over 200 financial institutions to achieve corrective action underscores our belief that training must be responsive to cause. We look forward to working with your institution to tackle the most significant issues in today’s banking environment.
Regulatory Risk Services. If you’re facing a tough examination and are looking to shore up your institution’s preparation, if you’ve undergone a rough examination and know that you need to begin preparations for a tough response, or if you’ve received a regulatory report or enforcement action and are looking for vital help in preparing a strategic response, AdvisX can provide regulatory exam preparation for you. We emphasize a response methodology that provides a clear understanding of the situation, the context of that situation, the actions proposed to address that situation, remediation efforts implemented by the institution, as well as potential future actions.
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